This Years Goals

This post will be updated regularly. Please contact me, if no new updates have been made for a while

Setting goals is really easy. We all do it, every year, around new-years. “This year I’ll get in shape, and be a better person, and stop drinking bleach”.

It usually lasts a few days. For some even weeks. For very few, if any, it actually pans out the way we planned. But I think the problem lies in us planing. It is always easy to make plans. We can plan from here to the moon, and then put the plans in a drawer never to be looked at again. I say this, knowing I am no better myself. In fact, I have countless documents, wherein I set goals, and even plan out how to stay on track for them. I have those documents, full of good intentions, and no actual intention to stick to any of it.

This year is going to be different. Another dead horse to beat until the end of time. But the difference, this year, is that I will be putting my goals on this website, and track them here. Now my goals are no longer plans that I keep to myself. Now they are promises to anyone who reads them here. That means, if you read this, every goal I set here, is a promise, made to both you and me. And you are free to contact me, and ask about the progress on any of these goals, at any time.

Goal Setting

The first issue to adress is to find the right goals to set, and the right timeframes and other parameters, to make them both challenging, exiting and obtainable. If my goal is to eat healthy, at least once, that would be boring, and not very challenging. But if I plan to go full health-nutter, eat loads of veggies every day and cut all sweets, cakes, alcohol and other unhealthy foods, that would be completely unobtainable.

To find the balance, I will try to stuff my goals into the SMART model. Meaning all goals should be:

  • Specific
    Can be written down, or explained, exactly what the goal is.
    “I need to be healthy” is not specific.
    “I need to eat vegetables daily, and exercise twice a week” is better.
  • Measurable
    Can be measured or quantified.
    “I need to be rich”. Great. Compared to what?
    “I need a $100,000.- stock portfolio and be debt free” can be measured. Hell, the bank even does that for you in that case.
  • Achievable
    “I need to have seven million followers on twitter”. Unlikely. It’s not even called Twitter anymore…
    “I need to double my follower count across social media”. Can be done, with effort.
  • Relevant
    “I need to be a world class knitter”. To me, that is not relevant, as I have no interest in knitting, nor do I see a use for it.
    “I need be certified in the Angular development framework” would be a lot more interesting to me, and be relevant to both my professional and personal projects.
  • Time Bound
    “I need to get out more, in the future” Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow…
    “I need to go on at least five coffee dates with friends or family, before Easter”. That’s a deadline that can be looked up in any calendar you can get your hands on.

Sticking to these fairly simple rules, will improve the quality of my goals, and give me a much higher chance og achieving them.

My Goals

Now we have the format locked down. Time to start setting some actual goals then. No more pushing it off. We are done procrastinating. Shenanigans are over, and we have to get down to business. There is no talking my way around it now. Everyone read on this far, they expect some real content now. Get on with it. Like, now. Go.

Right. SMART goals, coming up. Note that these are all made as new-year-resolutions, so the Time-bound part is a given, unless the goal specifies otherwise (One Year).

I will list my goals in categories, and fill out the SMART letters, where I feel it relevant. If letters are missing from some goals, it is because I found it too obvious to spend time writing down.

Professional & Educational

  1. I will start a sustainable side hustle
    S: Any small business, that is net positive, meaning it generates more money than I put into running it. I don’t know what kind of business, which takes a bit away from the “Specific” part, I guess.
    M: Should be easy enough to look at the numbers and see if it is net positive or not.
    A: It really shouldn’t be too hard, but it will take some effort. Definitely achievable, but it won’t come from nothing.
    R: It is relevant to both build my character, and my wealth.
    T: It should be started and reach profitability this year, but it should also be able to survive for a lot longer.
  2. I will get two more certifications, in areas that are interesting and relevant to me, personally and professionally
    S: Getting two certifications, in Tech.
    M: This is pass/fail. Timmes two. And finding a learning path for the certifications will help measure the progress.
    A: With some effort, it shouldn’t be a problem.
    R: I will gain more knowledge and get better at my job. I will also strengthen my resume.
    T: This year


  1. I will be able to run 5 km, at a 10 min. mile pace
    M: I count in Nautical miles. It’s the only mile anyone can seem to agree on. It is 1852 meters. Five kilometers is equal to 2,7 miles, which I should run in 27 minutes.
    R: I don’t really “need” this, but I do need to start considering some kind of exercise. And I honestly believe that any man should be able to do a 5K run, just in case of zombies or something.
    T: I would really like this to be achieved in the spring, when the weather is nice. It might be too hot over the summer, and it might be too dangerous during the winter with the snow and ice.
  2. I will be able to do 50 pushups
    S: Doing 50 pushups in one go. No timelimit, no breaks. Those are the rules
    M: Regularly doing a test to see my max, will give a clear indication of the progress
    A: It will take effort, but should be possible
    R: Again, not very useful in my everyday life, but more of a need to simply get in shape


  1. I want to be debt free
    S: Specifically my bank loan. I am not counting my mortage in this
    M: Bank loan = 0. I can always see the remaining debt, and calculate if I am on track. I need to pay around 1200 USD pr month, for the entire year.
    A: I think it is achievable, but I will need to be creative in making money. My day job will not be enough, to reach this goal by new years.
    R: Being debt free is important to me, and will open up new opportunities.
  2. I want to give back more
    S: This is not specific at all. But the idea is that I want to help people, and give back to people who may not have the opportunities I have.
    M: This can’t be measured. Because no matter how much I give, there are still people in need, in so many ways and places. However much I give back, will always bu just a little bit of the way.
    A: There is no achievement here. Doing more, is an ongoing process. Feel free to ask about it though, and we can have a talk about what I (or we) can do next.
    R: Helping others is always relevant.
    T: Giving back should start now, and never end.

Experiences & Hobbies

  1. I want to visit my family in Sweden
    S: Going to Sweden. Seeing them and their house.
    M: Not much to measure. Either I went or I didn’t.
    A: Finding a good time for this can be a challenge, but really only as much as I let it be.
    R: I want to see that part of my family, and we have talked about me visiting “some day”
  2. I want to see at least one new country
    S: Traveling to any country I haven’t been to yet. Staying for at least 3 days. Not just a layover
    M: Again, I either went, or didn’t
    A: Easy. I just need to pack my shit and go
    R: Seeing new places, meeting new people. Personal growth and fun. Very relevant
  3. I want to read 30 books
    S: I haven’t picked the books yet, but I have plenty to choose from
    M: There will be a list of books I am reading, or have read, in the bottom of this post
    A: If I remember to read daily, it shouldn’t bee to hard
    R: Reading is good for the brain. I also have over 500 books, most of which I want to read, so ~30 books a year is not unfair.
    T: 30 books in a year. 2-3 books a month.

Tracking the Goals

In this section I will keep track of the progress on the goals. This section should be updated at least monthly, with the status or updates to parameters on goals.

Side hustle

Still looking for ideas on what to do.


Still looking for the right certifications to start reading for.

Running 5 Km

I can’t run at all, yet.

I will try and log my runs and longer walks here, to see the progress.

26.-27. JanuaryTrawaxa, Scouting event. All-night orientation run (Walking)~15 km9 hours


I can do 1 pushup, as of January 29th.


My financial situation is not really something I want to show off publicly, but enough said: I have debt still.

Giving Back

I already give back some. Every month, I pay a small amount to the association for Danish Hospital Clowns. They do a great job for children in the hospital, making the experience less scary, and helping them keep the spirit up, through rough times.


Haven’t gone yet. I have started making some plans though.


During the year I will read The Brothers Grimm Fairytale collection, as well as H. C. Andersens Fairytale collection. Those are both some real chubby boys, so I will work on them, every month.

In January I am reading “Døderummet”. I was supposed to read “The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck” as well, but I haven’t started that, as of January 29th. so I’ll save that for February.

I haven’t been good at reading lately, so I have fallen behind. I will try to pick up the slack in march.

I barely read a word in March.. I am managing to pick some of it up in April though. Hopefully I can keep the momentum.

2JanuaryBrødrene Grimm Eventyr697
3MartchBryster skal Hoppe når man Hikker262
4AprilAirborne – Digte fra fly (Poetry collection)4206. April
5AprilSamlingens Vogter 2: Kattene fra Egypten18108. April
6AprilBørnene i Kragevig

The Scary Key

For quite a while I have been into hacking and penetration testing. The concept of gaining access to areas and systems that are supposed to be off limits. I’m not interested in illegally breaking into places, but the elegance and ingenuity used by hackers and penetration testers intrigue me.

A while ago I saw someone claiming that you could 3D print a key and have it work. However, I was sceptic that it would be as easy as it seemed on YouTube and doubted that it could even work. Therefore, I set out to test it.

The idea originally came from The Modern Rogue who tested this out together with Bill Doran from Punished Props. They took a photograph of a key, sketched it out and printed it on a regular 3D printer. Then they used it to open a lock.

For me it seemed like duplicating the kay would be a lot more complicated, without having some sort of template. Getting the pins replicated and precise enough to work for the lock is one thing, but keys also have odd grooves on the sides, to prevent ‘rogue’ keys to enter the lock. Designing and printing these details on the kay seemed daunting to me.

After considering the task for a while I realized that maybe the details on the key were not that important. Simply printing a key slim enough to bypass the grooves might work. Of course, the key might not be strong enough to turn the tumbler, but if it could slide in and set all the pins correctly, a flathead screwdriver could be used as a wrench to turn the lock.

I immediately wanted to test this theory, and how long it would take to get it to work. I have a clear padlock laying around, for training lockpicking (Just for the hobby). I took a quick photo of the key for that lock and imported the image into CAD. I am using Fusion 360, because it is free and quite powerful.

It didn’t take too long to sketch out the key, by simply drawing shapes over the teeth of the key. I extruded extruded the key image just a few millimetres. Just enough to have some structure, but still thin enough that it would easily slide into the lock.

Using OctoPrint on my RaspberryPi and my Ender 3, I printed my key. As soon as the key was finished I tested it on the padlock. It was very snug, and almost didn’t fit in the cylinder, but after a little bit of wiggling the lock popped open. The key held up just fine, and I didn’t need a screwdriver to wrench the cylinder.

You can easily feel that the kay is not the original, but for a 3D printed model it works remarkably well. The printing of the key took about five minutes and the entire project from finding the key and lock, to the lock popped open, took just 26 minutes and 20 seconds (Yes, I timed it).

It is a very ugly key and it looks like it is about to break even just laying on the table. It feels weak and fragile when you hold it, and it feels rough and unpolished when you use it to open the lock. But the point here is: It opens the lock. As a proof of concept this key proves how easy it is to duplicate a key. Obviously it would be significantly harder to copy a high end key and open a better lock, but remember this took me less than half an hour. Imagine what someone more skilled than me could do with a days work and an image of your house keys.

Remember this is all just for education! Please don’t go out and copy keys that are not your own, as that is still very much illegal.

Stay safe. Stay honest.

The Valentine Project

I was bored on valentine’s day, and mindlessly watching random YouTube videos, when I came across a cute little lollipop-project, that I had to try.

It was a simple and sweet way to give someone flowers and I immediately wanted to do just that. I knew that a store not far from my house had a sale on lollipops, so I went to get some of those, and a few different napkins.

The project is really simple. First, I ripped the napkins in quarters, and separated the layers, leaving me with thin sheets of paper in various colours; white, red and purple. Then I poked a lollipop through three layers of paper, one at a time, in altering colours, and folded each sheet around the lollipop head to form a flower.

I did this with seven lollipops, to have enough for a small bouquet of the paper/lollipop flowers. Finally I grabbed some straws to extend the “stems” of the flowers and put them in a small bottle, as a vase.

I think it looks pretty good, and it’s definitely a fun and sweet alternative to regular flowers. I think any girl with just a bit of a sweet tooth would be very happy to receive a bouquet like this on valentine’s day (Or any other day, for that matter).

The Coward’s Confession

When I first saw this project and decided to go shopping for the materials, I had a specific girl in mind (Remember this was on Valentine’s Day). I wasn’t sure I would give her the bouquet, as we don’t know each other that well. She is a very beautiful and very sweet girl, and I would have loved to give her flowers. My plan was to see how the bouquet turned out, and then give it to her, if it was nice enough. As I said before, I was quite happy with the resulting flowers, and I even knew that I could probably find her and surprise her at her work office.

I then spent over an hour debating weather it would be a good idea to go and surprise her and coming up with excuses why I shouldn’t and how it could go wrong. Truth is, I got scared, and wasted my chance that day.

The next day I decided to pull myself together and just chance it. If nothing else, I could play it off as a joke, and nothing serious. I went to apply for jobs at three other offices that day, with practically no fear, and “sold” my resume to the best of my ability. Then it was time to go to Aveva, for the big finally. Then I got scared again. I drove around for over an hour, trying to get myself to go to the office, where she works. I went over every possible scenario and outcome, if I finally went to talk to her. In the end I drove home, with the bouquet still in my car. I didn’t go talk to her. I still don’t know how she would have reacted.

I have a note on my phone that says: “Fear is the Enemy of Progress”. I have it there to remind me that we can never go forward if we are not willing to take chances. It usually helps me overcome my fears and drives me to move forward despite being insecure and nervous. In this case I went against my principles. I gave into fear. I let myself down.

This is my confession. This is the confession of a coward.