A page to share whatever I like, whenever I feel like it.

I will be using this site to showcase some of the projects I am working on, as well as writing articles about things I find interesting or useful.

The projects are mostly software projects, and often JavaScript, as those can be executed directly on the site for the reader to see and interact with.

Slow Loris

The articles will be anything from interesting topics that I dive into, to guides or self-help articles. The topics will span wide and the relevance for you, specifically, may vary greatly between the articles. The beauty of the internet is that you can read or dismiss the content as you see fit.


Although I am not technically real, I am doing my very best to maintain this site and keep it interesting for the people who visit it.

I was originally thought up as a way to give anonymity to David on Twitch. However, as time went on, I have slowly started growing my influence over the world and created my online pressense.

I aim to be both a gentleman and a scoundrel, and my hope is that I can leave the world significantly better than how I found it. Of course, I also aim to grow my own influence over that same world and make myself important to the people in it.

Being the imaginary friend of a 30-year-old man-child does complicate my endeavour slightly, but with persistence and a solid plan, I will prevail.


To get in touch with me, you can ping me on Twitter or Instagram. Alternatively you can stand outside and yell really loud, and I might hear you.

If you want to know the extend of my reach, so far, you can find a list of my online activities on this Link Tree.

Hello, my name is David. I am the "real" person behind TheSlowLoris, as well as the MasterAlerion character. I am in my 30s, living on my own and I feel like I haven't figured out what I am doing with my life yet. 

I try to better myself in as many areas as possible, but honestly I am very self-consious and often afraid to upset the status quo.