This is a website for all sorts of projects and fun or interesting stuff. Many of the projects will be my own while some will be from the vastness of the internet. 

In addition to the projects there will be stories, pictures, videos and much more both made by me and ‘borrowed’ elsewhere.

  • Sabia

    Drawing my sword fast enough to block her first attack was easy, even though she moved with the speed and grace of a dragonfly in the wind.

  • 25 Scouting Activities You Can Do from Home

    During the trying time of the COVID-19 lockdown, we decided to do “Home-Scouting” activities in our scout group. The concept was to publish a task each day, that the scouts could do at home or on a small trip with their parents.

    In this list is a collection of tasks that you can do at home or in the forest when you can’t go to scout meetings.