These are two different worlds in a jar and a bottle, respectively. 

Brand new

The systems were created in late August, 2017, so they have had some time to grow by now. They are supposed to be self-sustained ecosystems living without any influences from the outside world. They are made with a few pebles in the bottom, covered in sand and dirt. The jar has a small amount of water and the bottle is obviously mostly filled. The water is from the local park lake, so it has some micro organisms to help the process along. A few plant bits were added to the two ‘worlds’ as well before they were sealed up. In theory an ecosystem should start and sustain itself in each of the containers.

2 weeks old

The plants that were originally in there has mostly rottet which created CO2 and a suitable environment for new plants. the new plants will create oxygen and the sunlight will vaporize some of the water. As the water condenses it will create a rain like effect that helps the new plants thrive. 
With some luck there will some day be small animals in the systems as well. I don’t think I will be able to grow a tiger in there, but tiny shellfish like shrimp could easily develop in there. 

It is interesting to look at these after several months. First of all because small plants are starting to grow. It looks like grass in the jar and algae in the bottle. Second of all because it is quite evident that the grass is trying very hard to get to the light. There is no wind in the jar to push the grass but it still tilts quite badly towards the window. I assume the young plants need as much light as possible to grow strong. 
The bottle is interesting as well with its algae like vegetation. It looks like tiny bobles are coming from the plants.  Could they be visably producing oxygen? I guess, maybe. It will be interesting to follow the development of these in the future so stay tuned.