…and it will probably stay dead, until someone (me) figures out what to put on it, to keep it alive for more then a few weeks at a time.

I have, on several occasions, promised the readers of this page that changes would be coming. That new content would be posted regularly. That I would keep the site alive. And every time it ends the same way. I post for a while, either manually or scheduled posts. Then I run out of content and the site dies again, until the next time I decide to go on and make a promise I can’t keep.

If I ever had any readers, they must have left me, by now, after all the lies. I make a point of letting people around me know that I cannot and will not tolerate lying. I will much rather suffer with the truth, than be held as a fool with lies. And yet, I find myself lying all the time. To people around me. To family. To friends. To colleagues. About all sorts of stuff. Sometimes small things like “It’s ok. I want you to have the last muffin”. Sometimes slightly bigger things like “I’m fine, I’m just tired” or “I love you, and I never want you to leave”.

Shit, that got too real, too fast. Back to this mess of a website.

I haven’t posted an article on here since “The Assassination of POTUS” from November 10th, last year. Since then, I have added a few JavaScript gimmicks on the Easteregg page, and that is about that.

I would love for the site to be more active, but I never know what to write for it. And when I have an idea for something, I usually forget, before I get around to writing it.

I do have at least part of a plan ready for the page, and I would love to make a promise to execute that plan before Halloween. But honestly, I doubt there will be anything new on the site for the rest of the year. And lord knows how long into the next.

The one thing I can promise, is that something will happen eventually. Maybe the site will be completely redesigned. Maybe articles will be posted regularly. Maybe new projects will emerge. Maybe a fancy API will be added. May I take the site down and never reopen it. Who knows? Anything can happen, really.

I am, of course, still interested in hearing what sort of content my readers might like seeing, but that would require someone actually reading my stuff in the first place.

Feel free to hit me up if you got any ideas for me and/or the site. Or if you want me to close the site and leave the internet.

Until next time I randomly make a no-updates post on here: Stay Fresh!