As the story progresses, I will suggest that you make sure that you have read the previous chapters, as they may give crucial information for the following riddles.

After walking for another few hours through the jungle, you are starting to get tired, but you also feel that you are getting closer to the treasure.

Then you come to a crossroad. You now have three roads to chose from to get to the treasure. You don’t know this, when you arrive at the crossroad, but one of the roads leads straight to the cannibals’ camp, deep in the jungle. Another leads straight to the lions’ caves, near the mountains, and the last road leads straight to the treasure.

Lucky for you there are a few locals hanging around. Unlucky for you, they turn out to be from the tribe where no one knows who is lying and who is not. You decide to talk to the locals for a while, and after a few minutes, you decide to pick a road, and keep walking. You start off on the road, and in less than an hour you reach the treasure.

Now, how did you know which way to go? And how will you get the treasure of the island?

That last question is more a question of logistics rather than a riddle.

Read along for the last few chapters, to see how the story ends!