After several months on the island, where you almost died, made new friends and got rich, you have finally found your way home. You are rich now, and yet, more riddles present themselves.

You have of course brought the treasure home, and through clever investments, you have become rich beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

One day you are walking home from a cash deal, carrying a suitcase with a large amount of money (Don’t ask why). You decide to go for a cup of coffee in a small coffee house, but soon after you sit down, a strange man comes up to you and askes to take a seat. He looks poor, but you let him sit.

The man starts talking: “Hello. My name is Craig. I have a magic power!”. You obviously won’t believe the man.

“I see you doubt me” he continues, “Let me prove it! My power is that given any name, I can sing you a song, that you already know, about the person you named!”.

You are still doubtful, but Craig goes on: “Let us make a bet then. Give me a name, and I will sing you the song. I guarantee you can sing along after hearing just the first few words!”

You are curious, and since you are filthy rich, you decide to take his bet. You agree to bet you suitcase, and then think about a name for Craig to sing.

After a few seconds you remember your niece, and challenge Craig to sing you a song about her. He of course askes for her name and you answer: “My niece is called Amelia Ann-Marie Mozart LeAdams Armstrong!”

Craig’s jaw drops, but after just a second he clears his throat and starts to sing. He is only a few words in, when you decide to sing along, since you already know the entire song by heart.

When the song is done, you hand Craig your suitcase, and he leaves, a very rich man.

Do you know what song Craig sang? Could you sing along? And what the hell kind of name is Amelia Ann-Marie Mozart LeAdams Armstrong?

This is the last riddle you will face in this saga. The last post in the series will be out in a month, and in that, you will find the answers for the riddles, and all the questions from the entire adventure.

How many do you already have the answers for? Stay tuned, and find out if you are right!