After the first four chapters, you are finally accepted in the tribe as an equal.

You spend a few days celebrating with the tribe, before finally setting out, to find the treasure that is supposedly hidden on the island. You ask the tribal people about it, but all they will tell you, is that the treasure is hidden in an old light house, far away. You can not see the lighthouse from the tribal camp, through the jungle, so you will have to just go looking.

You learn a lot about the island from the locals, as you prepare for your journey. One thing you learn is that there are many tribes, all with odd traditions. In one tribe the members will always travel in pairs, where one always lies, and another always tells the truth. There is no way to tell which is which. In another tribe, all the members will sometime lie and sometimes be truthful, and no one knows which they decide or when they will switch.

You finally decide to start your journey through the jungle, but after just a few hours you come to a fork in the road. There are two locals at the fork, from the tribe where one always lies, and one never lies.

You know that this tribe knows where the treasure is hidden, so you decide to ask them for help. But then you remember another oddity of the tribe: You can only ask one of them a question, and only one question. After that, they will refuse to speak to you.

You realize you need to ask just one question, that can guarantee you to find the right way to the treasure. After a while you decide on the perfect question, and ask one of the locals. He then answers, and you immediately know which way to go.

What was the question you asked? Who did you ask? And how do you know for sure that you are going the right way?

If you get this on right, you will soon be rich!