It has taken more than half a year, but here we are. The final chapter. I hope you have enjoyed the journey!

Let’s not waste any time mocking about. The answer to the first riddle is of course a coffin. The man who made it, doesn’t want it. He would much rather sell it. The man who bought it doesn’t use it himself but gives it to someone deceased. The person who does use it, doesn’t know, since they are quite dead.

The second riddle is a bit harder to crack. The plan you crafted consisted of assigning a few roles. First you were selected as the counter of the group. This means it was your job to find out when everyone has been in the hut, and only you could say that everyone has been. Next the two nuts were assigned different meanings. One was the counter nut, to keep count of the prisoners who visited the hut. The other was the ‘busy’ nut, that would have no real meaning.

Now everyone but you (the counter) would play by these rules: If they come to the hut and the counter nut was on its back, they would flip that. Otherwise they would flip the busy one. No matter what they were all only allowed to flip the counter nut twice. After that they would only flip the busy nut. (Hence the name)

You, however, would play by these rules: If the counter was on its back you would flip the busy nut. If the counter was on its front, you would flip it to its back and add one to your running tally.

When your tally reached 20, you would know for sure that everyone has been in the hut at least once. Actually, everyone would have been in there twice, unless the counter started on its front, in which case one of the prisoners would only have been in the hut once. Someone might have been in the hut many more times, but only flipped the busy nut, but that didn’t matter to the tally.

Thought one, but we got through it.

Ok. The third riddle is an old classic. Many of you will have head it in some form before, I am sure. The sentence you told the chief, of course, is “I will be handed to the cannibals”. If the sentence was true, you should be fed to the lions, making the sentence a lie. If the sentence was a lie, you should be handed to the cannibals, making the sentence true. Given the paradox the chief had no choice other than to spare your life. (Or chopping of your head for being a smart ass, but lets not dwell on that)

In the fourth riddle you were asked to make tea and kill a man. Though break. Your opponents plan was quite simple. Since he could not make a tea as strong as yours, he would make a weaker one, but only bring boiled water to the tribal chief. He would then drink a small sip of his weak tea before going to the meeting, and use your, stronger, tea as an antidote.

Your counter plan was to then not make tea at all, but rather just bring water to the meeting. That way your opponent would drink his own weak tea, then your water, then his own water. You however would only drink his water, and then your own. The result: You only drank water and lived, but your opponent poisoned himself and died.

In the fifth riddle, you have finally set out to find the treasure. The people you meet are quite odd, but easily manipulated to tell you where to go. Or rather, where NOT to go. You simply ask one of them, where the other one would tell you to go, if asked for directions to the treasure. Then you go the other way.

If you asked the liar he would tell you where the truthful one would point you, but he would be lying, and the other road would be the correct one. However, if you asked the truthful one, he would tell you what the liars answer would have been, and again the other way would be the right way.

Easy as that.

For the sixth riddle, you found yourself at a crossroad. Here the locals are of no help at all, since you cannot know if they are lying or not.

However, the roads all went STRAIGHT to different places. And since you are looking for a lighthouse with a treasure (Read chapter five) you could see it at the end of one of the roads, and of course went that way.

To the question of how to get the treasure of the island, I can only say: Sea turtles, mate.

In the seventh and last riddle, you meet the shittiest magician in the world. His only power is to sing about people. While it sounds impressive at first, as soon as you realise what song he is singing, you will no longer be impressed. He is of course singing “Happy Birthday”, and just filling in whatever name you give him. What a hoax.

Anyways, this concludes the Riddle Saga. I hope you enjoyed it and will be back another time for more adventures, stories, and projects.

Thank you for reading along, and remember: You are awesome!