About half a year ago, I started a large Lego project: to build all the Legos I own.

I promised to build all the Lego sets and post the finished builds under the original Lego post. But as some of you may have noticed, not a single build was posted on there. The reason is that I spent several hours on relatively simple builds, simply because finding the pieces was next to impossible. After finishing a few builds and making them ready to post, I started doubting the project, because the time it would take was more than I was ready to waste on it. And the space it took was starting to really get on my nerves. Unpacking and packing the Legos away for each building session would take around half an hour, because I would have to get much of the Legos out of the bed roller to have any chance of finding the right parts. Because of this, packing the Legos away each time would mean no short build sessions. However, leaving the Legos out all the time took up most of my floor space, and cleaning was a nightmare. 
After a while where I got more and more frustrated I decided to quit the project. I packed up all the Legos in a big bag. All the builds were taken apart, and the bag was put in the basement. The project failed. Maybe I will get back to it someday, but for now, it is packed away. Hopefully this is not too disappointing for you. Thanks for reading and understanding. I hope you will stick around for my other projects.