Wordle Wannabe

Wordle: Movie Night


You have failed todays challenge. Look at this judgemental kitty judging your poor movie knowledge!

You WON todays challenge! You are a movie Legend! Look at the puppy pic and be happy!

By the time you read this, Wordle is probably a long forgotten game. At the time of writing, however, Wordle is a fairly hyped online game, with a daily challenge, to guess a word. The game resembles the old classic “Mastermind”, but instead of coloured pegs, you put in letters, to make words, in an attempt to guess the word of the day.

The rules in short: You put in a five letter word. Then the game tells you which letters are correct (Green), which letters are in the word, but in the wrong spot (Yellow) and which letters are wrong (Grey). You have six guesses in total to get it right.

In the original version there were great statistics, keeping track of how many games you played and how many guesses you used to get them. I don’t have that implemented. (Yet?)

My version may be somewhat less refined. I made it because I figured it would be a fun project to train some more JavaScript.

The rules are the same though, only here you have to guess the Movie title of the day. Good luck.

Possible Features

As there are many ways to improve this game, I have compiled a list of features that may be implemented later on:

  • Statistics. To keep track of the number of games played, the number of wins and loses, and the ratio between them
  • Better Win and Lose screens, to show the statistics and a counter until the next round
  • Share button. So you can brag to your friends
  • Bug fixes. To give a better experience for everyone
  • On-Screen keyboard