Twitch Legends

Twitch is a great place to find new people to talk to and new communities to join.
Here are a few of the people I enjoy on Twitch.


Starting off on an absolute high. EdinburghsNicestBoy (Or ENB for short) has managed to create one of the nicest and most wholesome communities I have ever seen. ENB is a Scottish streamer who is always ready to put a smile on your face, and the community is always there to cheer you up when needed.

ENB’s streams and community has got it all. Need a laugh? ENB has silly jokes. Feel down? Everyone is ready to hear you out and cheer you up. Need nice pet pictures? Join the ENB Discord.


The first person I found on Twitch was ScottOnFire and I immediately knew I had come to a great platform. The games and the accent were great, and Scott was very welcoming and introduced me to the world of twitch.


Stumbling into RingTail’s stream one day, I found myself in the presence of a fellow small streamer, trying to make it on Twitch. He was quick to welcome me into the stream, and I soon felt like we were truly allies in the Twitch struggle. I still support RingTail, when I can, and very much enjoy his content.