Tremek: The History of a City

Over the last many years, I have been playing Minecraft on a few different servers. Along the way a single line of servers, starting with BlockyWorlds, have been my all-time go-to. On there I, and a few others, build a city. Here is the story of that city, over the years.

The Original

Many years ago, a server called BlockyWorlds was thriving, with one of the friendliest communities in the world of Minecraft.

The only thing missing was a large City for people to visit. One of the regular players on the server then started to get a team together, who could collaborate on such a project.

Before long, a glorious city grew out of the ground and started a large shop, a community farm, forest, and mine.

Over time the city grew to be one of the most visited and most well-known places on the server. A true core of the community.

One day it was decided that the server needed a cleanup. The worlds were reset, along with all player data, and the great city of Tremek was lost, to the void.

We can never die

A few of the players who were still active, and had managed the original city of Tremek, decided that the server wipe should never be the end of something so important in the community, as that city.

Therefore, they found a new location and soon started construction. Once again, the great city rose, and new shops, farms, and meeting places, were constructed. Tremek had risen once again.

For a long time Tremek stood tall, to unite the community on BlockyWorlds, and was well known through the world.

Unfortunately, the server was losing players, as many of the regulars grew too old for Minecraft or got other hobbies. After a while, the server was running out of money and eventually shut down.

For the second time Tremek was lost…

…But not forgotten

A sister server to BlockyWorlds, called Utopia, became the new watering hole, for most of the players who were still active on BlockyWorlds, till the end.

Utopia had a lot of familiar faces, and the community was just as great as on BlockyWorlds. This inspired one of the last managers of the original Tremek to once again rebuild the glorious city.

Construction went well, but with only one builder, it was not going fast. Despite that, the city grew and after a while was starting to look great.

Unfortunately, a lot of the community on Utopia did not know Tremek from earlier, and many other cities drew the attention of the crowd. This meant that the city of Tremek never got the attention it deserved on Utopia.

Even the owner of Tremek was losing the fire. Then Utopia, as so many before it, was closed.

Utopia Reborn

After a long time of silence, the King and Owner of BlockyWorlds, decided to reopen a Minecraft server, under the Utopian flag, called Utopia Reborn.

This is a brand-new server, with brand new opportunities. A clean slate. Quite a few of the old BlockyWorlds and Utopia crowds quickly joined the new venture. So did the last owner of Tremek.

With the rebirth of the Utopia brand it would be a shame to not also let Tremek rise again.

This was the time for New Tremek.

The Rise and Fall of everything new

As Utopia Reborn grew larger and more established, it was decided that it was time for a few changes. The server needed to upgrade to the latest Minecraft version, and the Reborn part of the name lost its meaning, as the server came into its own right.

After many long discussions and much consideration, the entire server was reset, for the greater good. Tremek was deleted, along with everything else.

End of the Line

(For now)

The server, Utopia, is still growing and thriving. New players are joining, and everything is looking awesome.

Unfortunately, not a lot of the community remembers, or even knows of Tremek. The greatness and glory of Tremek is now only a faded picture in the memory of the very few who were there from the very beginning. We, the few, who have been a part of Tremek from the first blocks were placed in an empty field on BlockyWorlds, until the very end of Utopia Reborn, are eternally grateful for the King, who created the Server and the world, in which Tremek could shine its glory. We are grateful for the fantastic kingdom, where we could build a dream city, and live in it, for years.

Tremek will not be rebuild on the latest iteration of the Utopia server.
But let it be known: We who lived and died with Tremek, through all the years, have only one thing left to say to the great GonzoDark, who made it all possible:

Thank you.