As I said in the last post, new things are coming. This, however, is not what I had in mind. 

After a very needed and well-deserved vacation, I was refreshed and ready to get back to work and give it my very best. I got in the office, got a cup of coffee and went upstairs. Business as usual, so far. Then the Boss called me into the meeting room and gave me a long speech about how he felt I wasn’t a good match for the company, and then told me I was fired. Just like that I no longer have a job. Also, I have been released, so I am not going to work in the notice period. That means three months of fully paid job-hunting. 

This was not in any way what I had planned for the next few months, but hopefully I will get a new job soon. Otherwise I will have to get enough sponsors on here, to live of that. 

Anyways, the truth is I always knew I wouldn’t grow old in Aveva, but I figured it would be at least a year or two before I would even consider moving on. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a say in that. 

I just needed to get all of that off my chest. Now I have to figure out how to tell everyone (who is not reading this) that I lost my job, without making a big thing of it. I’m OK with it, but I can only imagine the stress it will bring my mother, and all the “know-it-all”, “I told you so” and “You should have tried harder” speeches from my dad. I guess I’ll just have to take it all one step at a time. 

On the upside I already have a meeting set up with an HR person, in an interesting IT company, who might be able to help me on my way. I have also contacted a few other HR and headhunter people in hopes of getting some traction on the job-hunting. I’m not scared for my future, but I must admit that this was a bit of a ground-shaker. 

Thanks for reading the blog, and please, if you know anyone in need of a software developer, please let me know.