In these various categories you will find a series of projects I have made over time. Some are useful others are just for fun.

Feel free to comment on them, or give suggestions for other projects you want to see here.

A full list of my projects can be found here: Project List

  • Infinity Box

    This is a cool project, that can be found in many places online. Obviously, I needed top join the hype.

  • Crafting a Night Light

    A while back I saw a project about making a creepy nightlight from an old doll, and I wanted to try it!!

  • The Valentine Project

    I was bored on valentine’s day, and mindlessly watching random YouTube videos, when I came across a cute little lollipop-project, that I had to try.

  • Fancy Christmas Cards

    We made Christmas cards and gifts with our scouts this year. Here are some of the cards I made.

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