The Slow Loris

A page to share whatever I like, when ever I feel like it.

The name of the page is a reference to two very different things. One is a cute little primate, living in South and Southeast Asia.

The other is a variation of a DoS attack, performed to render websites unavailable for regular trafic.

I found both the animal and the network attack entriguing and therfore decided to use that name for my website.


This site is maintained under the pseudonyme MasterAlerion, which is a name taken on for sharing content on the internet. The name was originally meant to give some anonymity on twitch, but as time went on, MasterAlerion became much more. Today he is a personification of a gentleman and a scoundrel, who I aspire to be more like. I admire his selfconfidence, determination and general devil may care atitude.

I am the imaginary friend of a 30-year-old idiot, wasting his life away. I am trying very hard to keep us un track for greatness, but being the figment of someone else’s mind makes that fairly complicated.


The Mind Behind

Hello, my name is David. I am the ‘real’ person behind TheSlowLoris, as well as the MasterAlerion character. I am almost 30-years-old, my best friend is imaginary and I’m grately unsatisfied with most things in my life. I want to do better, but I am also lazy, selfconsious and scared to upset the status quo.

I live in Denmark, and dabble in both writing, softwaredevelopment and a few other things. All my projects that has any potential or merit, are created under the Masteralerion brand.


To get in touch with me, you can ping me on Twitter or Instagram. Alternatively you can stand outside and yell really loud, and I might hear you.