A fun project to do, especially with kids: Rock Painting.

Painting rocks is a fun project to explore your creative side. It’s easy and not too expensive and you can get started in a few minutes. When you have the tools, that is.

I have seen this project on Pinterest and a few other places and started looking at different ideas for this. Some paint lots of rock, some paint large rocks, some paint small. Some paint inspirational quotes on the rocks and leave them for others to find, on the beach, in offices, in parks or on the street.

I decided to just try it out. I didn’t have a grand plan, or a goal and I didn’t even know what to paint. But I wouldn’t let that stop me, so I went to the beach and collected a bunch of rocks in different shapes and sizes to have something to work with. Then I went and bought some acrylic paint and cheap brushes. After cleaning the rocks and drying them, I started to look for patterns or shapes to inspire motives on each rock. The results? Look below:

First of all, boys will be boys. So, what better place to start than aliens? Three of them, in fact. All classic green but in varying degrees of “child-friendliness”. The first and second are fairly harmless.

Especially the one with blue eyes seems friendly. The last one looks a bit scary, though. The eyes are narrow and the mouth is.. Well, I don’t even know what happened there.

Next there is a bee or something. Yellow striped rock with a friendly face. I think it’s a bug, but who knows really? You decide for yourself what you see.

The next one is a face. Completely white with blue hair. Not sure who that is supposed to be. I was thinking about Frankenstein, but I think that is mostly because of the shape of the face. 

The next two are really nice. There is something soothing about painting landscapes and panorama-ish images on rocks. The first is kind of plane with a sun over the dark ocean. The second uses the shape of the rock for the motive. The triangle in the corner bulks out a bit from the rest of the rock and is supposed to look like a mountain, which is why only the tip of it is painted to resemble snow. The rest of the rock is a bark blue, to look like the night sky.

That’s an eye, in case you couldn’t see that. Not much to say about it I guess.

The last one I am pretty happy with as well. There is no plan and no motive in it. It is literally just the remaining paint used to do an abstract rock before cleaning up the brushes. I don’t know why it speaks to me, but there is something about the simplicity of just splashing colors randomly on a rock.

This is definitely a project that can be used in many situations. For me, to put on this website and to try something new and creative. For others to entertain their kids. I might use it with my scouts as well at some point. I bet this could even be used for a teambuilding exercise, either to have people agree on what to paint, or to have them paint individually and then explain to the team why they painted what they did. As a teambuilding exercise in an office, the rocks could then be used for decoration or paperweights, to remind people of the teambuilding and team-spirit.
The only question now is: Where do I put these rocks?