Welcome to the not-so-daily blog. This is my attempt to make a blog with updates about my life. As the name suggests it is unlikely that I will make updates here every day, but a post a week or more should be realistic, I hope.

These days I’m busy with my job, my scouting and a handful of projects at home. For one I’m making a website and trying to keep that up to date and interesting. That is an ongoing project which demands quite a bit of work to stay nice and active.

Another project is the website for Tollerklubben (www.tollerklubben.dk) which I need to make. It is not that hard, but there is a lot of work to do on it. I have most of the pages created already, but I still need a few more. I also need to create a few forms for some of the functionality. Finally, I need to write a plugin to add files to the downloads. I need to be able to upload files to the site, in different categories, so that documents can be presented for download on different pages. I have been invited to give a demo of the site on the board meeting in Tollerklubben next Sunday. Hopefully they will be happy with what I have made so far.

In my scouting, I have several meetings in the coming time. I still have the regular scout meetings on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week, but in addition I have several planning meetings as well. First, we have a meeting to plan the Winter camp which is in the last weekend of November. That is on Wednesday after the regular scout meeting. Then on Sunday afternoon (after the board meeting with Tollerklubben) I have a meeting in Aars to plan ‘Parchaka’ which is a scout course in March. To end the month, we execute the Winter Camp and then have a meeting the Wednesday aster, to evaluate it and plan for next year.

That is pretty much everything that is going on right now. I will be back to the blog when there is something more to tell.