Just another Sunday. Two weeks since my last post here. I told you it wouldn’t be a daily thing…
I am finally on the other side of all the meetings mentioned in my last blog post. They went fairly well, the Parchaka planning is on its way and we have a pretty good frame for it. Unfortunately, I don’t get to set up a ‘server room’ for one of the activities as I was hoping for. But then again, you can’t always get what you want. 

We also planned the winter camp for Jørgen Skytte where we are going to do loads of fun activities. Now I just have to plan a code activity for Saturday and a quiz or other activity for Friday evening. That shouldn’t be too hard, I already have some suggestions ready. 

I still have plenty of things to do though. I am busy with my job and scout work and then we are nearing December, where all the Christmas dinners and family gatherings are going to take place. So far, I have a Christmas dinner with Aveva, my sister’s birthday party and family brunch planned out. With the Winter camp next weekend, that all leaves only one free weekend, between now and Christmas. And maybe I have planes there as well. Both Niels, one of our scout leaders and Sanne, an old class mate, have made suggestions to occupy that weekend with more scout work or a Christmas dinner with the 10th grade ‘gang’. 

Personally, I would like just one more weekend free, but I also want to be a part of all the fun activities, so I have to give up something. It seems to be the free time that suffers in most cases. 

My biggest dilemma at this point is the parties after New Years. Both my cousin Louise and another old classmate, Michelle have recently had children. Now Louise and Sarah are having a baptism for Josefine on the seventh of January, which is fine, and I will off course be there. However, Michelle and Mikkel are having a name-giving fest on the 13th, which is the same day my parents have invited everyone to the ‘DaVinchi’ restaurant in Hadsund for their 24th anniversary. I guess I could go to both, but the name-giving is at noon and the anniversary is at 4 pm, both inviting for lots of eating. To make both I would have to leave early from the name-giving, which seems a bit half-hearted. I guess I just have to figure it out, somehow. 

In other news: I am seriously considering buying a car. I have been looking at an old Renault Meganne, and a Citroën C5. The Meganne is in Svenstrup and seems like a fair bet, and I have sent a message to the salesman with a few questions about it. Hopefully it will pan out with that, or another car so I can be self-driving soon. I am so sick of public transportation! 

In regards to this website, new posts are coming! Over the next weeks there will be more activity in here than there has been lately. Hopefully I can keep the level of activity up with 1-2 new posts every week.

It would be nice to have an update on this blog and at least one project or other post, per week, to keep the site active. 
Thank you very much for reading along and I hope to see you here again soon!