As you may have noticed, I haven’t been too active in here lately. Hopefully that is about to change.


The Plan

The plan is to post at least once per month, and I already have a series of posts prepared, that will be posted over the coming weeks or months or so. Hopefully I can keep it up this time and actually keep the posts coming. I still take suggestions on what to write about, should you have good ideas. Or bad ideas. Any input is welcome to be honest.

To give the site a fresh touch the logo/icon thingy has changed. It’s now a picture of one of the rocks I painted a while back. Same as the picture in this post. I might also make small changes to the general layout, but nothing too fancy.

How to get there

It is sometimes hard to find the motivation to write stuff for a blog that I don’t know if anyone is reading. Therefore, it would be a great help if anyone reading this would give their input in the form of comments or questions to the posts, or sending suggestions for new posts, topics or projects. 
In addition, I have registered on a small Danish donation site, called, where you can sign up to donate a small amount of money for each new post published here. I do not expect this website to pay my bills, but a small incentive to keep it active would be very helpful. You can support me through 

[EDIT 06/07-2020: The Slow Loris is no longer on]

I have also considered starting a podcast, as that seems to be the new hot thing, but I don’t know what to talk about. And I don’t have any proper recording equipment, so the quality would be terrible, at least until I get some better gear.

For now, lets stick with the website though, and hopefully with more stabile postings.