As some of you may have noticed, I have not been too active on this site lately. The last few posts (The riddle saga) were written and scheduled long in advance, and I haven’t done anything actively on the site for a long time. Until now.

As you can see the site has gotten a small face lift. The colors and branding have changed, and the name was updated.

I present to you: The Slow Loris.

A site with more in depth articles, longer stories and more well-thought-out posts, in general. This will not be like the last few times I promised changes. As you see the changes are already coming, and at lease one post will be published every month, going forward. Quite a few of them has already been written and scheduled, while others are still just ideas in the developing state.

The first post that you will se after this one, will be up only about a week from now. It will be a short story I wrote for a girl about a year ago, for her birthday.

Over the coming months there will come a series of posts including a few projects, useful lists and maybe something about space.

As always, I am open to suggestions for topics to cover on the site, so feel free to send me your idea or request.

The Slow Loris

The reasons for these changes are many. First of all, NydTiden is a very Danish name, on a site that is (Almost) 100% English. That never made a lot of sense to me, so the change to a .com domain has been on the board for quite a while. Second of all, I have always wanted the site to be more professional; have better content. Some of the projects here were quite trash, to be completely honest. Because of this, quite a few of them have already been deleted, to make room for new and improved stuff.

The name The Slow Loris, came from a type of DDoS attack, with the same name: A SlowLoris Attack. The idea of that is to start connections (Often TCP), to the target, and then leave them hanging. The difference to a regular DDoS attack is that instead of flooding the target server with new connections, you simply leave your connections open, so the server gets a lot of unfinished traffic, blocking the I/O for new connections. This means a single computer can crash a server, so the attack theoretically doesn’t need to be distributed. In a sense it is a “lazy” version of a traditional (D)DoS attack, which really speaks to my heart.

In addition to that, a Slow Loris is a really cute little animal, as you can see in the banner, of the site, and the picture in this post. Just look at the little guy. Anyways, I hope you will stick around for the journey that I will embark on with this remake of the website.