Under my bed I have a large box filled with Legos.

How much there is, exactly, I don’t know, but the box is filled to a point where the lid can barely be closed. This is all old Legos from my childhood, gathered over several years. There are a ton of different Lego genres like Lego System, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lego Technic and others.

In addition to the Legos I also have a large binder, filled with building instructions for all the Lego sets I own. You may have guessed where this project is going. I have decided to build every Lego set I have, to spec. That means building every set exactly as they are supposed to be build, from the original instructions. Not a single piece should be switched or even a different color from the plans. This may sound like a simple task, and honestly the building part is not a problem at all. However, as all the sets are mixed together in one big bed roller, it takes a while to find the right parts. There are thousands of pieces and many of them are tiny and very specific, making it extremely difficult and time consuming to find all the parts for any specific build.

Each set takes maybe half an hour to an hour for the building, start to finish; but as I have to find the parts for the build, page by page, it easily takes several hours for a build. I have decided to have three or more builds in progress, at all times, so I am never just looking for one specific part, but rather a handful of things. This does speed up the process a bit, but over Easter I dedicated a full day to building, and I spent about six hours for three simultaneous builds. That’s two hours average for those builds, and with maybe 50 sets in total I’m looking at a 100-hour project. To be fair, I haven’t counted the sets, so I don’t know how many there are exactly. Also, many of them are small, very simple sets, but that just means they have a few, but very small parts.

I will be posting the finished builds below as sub posts to this post, so stay tuned to see what comes out of the production area.
This project was started on April 2nd 2018. Let’s see how long it’ll be before it is completely done.