This is a cool project, that can be found in many places online. Obviously, I needed top join the hype.

The infinity box can be used to make it look like you have a never-ending room, where you can place whatever you like, and “duplicating” it infinitely.

It has been a while since I first saw the infinity mirror project online and though that was really cool. I then bought some window tone film, to use for the one-way-mirror. I also started looking for regular mirrors that would fir my needs, and glass for the one-way-mirror. Eventually I found the mirrors on a Facebook group where someone was giving them away for free. A quick wash and they were ready to use. The glass pane was harder to come by, so I ended up buying it online from a store that dose custom measurements. It was a bit steep, but an easy solution.

Applying the tone film to the glass was a bit harder than expected and the finish is not as smooth as I would have liked, but it is fine for a first try at the project. I decided to 3D print the corners for the box because I have the printer, and it seemed like the best and most easily customizable solution.

I screwed the corners of the box to a wooden plate so that the mirrors will fit inside, to allow the box to be “foldable”, so it doesn’t take up too much space, when not used.

The finished box is a very cool gimmick and by putting various objects in there a lot of cool effects can be achieved. A great feature of the infinity box, with printed corners is that the mirrors can be flipped, so only the back mirror is facing in. This will create an infinite tunnel look, rather than an infinite room.

As it turns out the difference in light levels inside and outside the box is more important then I thought. For the best effect, there has to be near perfect darkness outside the box, while there should be plenty of light in the box. This could be due to the low-end one-way-mirror, letting too much light into the box. A real, professional one-way-mirror might have worked better but would also be more expensive.

The Easter Box

For Easter last year, the family were invited to my parents’ house. My mother challenged us to bring creative Easter-eggs, so I 3D printed a few different versions, and brought the infinity box and a light. Everyone was really impressed.