We made Christmas cards and gifts with our scouts this year. Here are some of the cards I made.

All cards

I made a few Christmas cards as proof of concept, to have something to show the scouts, so they could be inspired and try to make something similar themselves.

There are a few different 3D cards as well as some that are just painted. The first card is a 3D card with a decorated Christmas tree popping up when opened.

Christmas tree

The second and third have a Christmas tree and gifts cut out of white paper and glued in the card. It is then folded the opposite way of the card, to make the pop out effect when opened. The ribbon on the gifts are made with a marker.

This next one is made with a newspaper cut-out and thin straw glued on, to form a Christmas tree. Unfortunately the glue doesn’t hold too well, so the straws are starting to fall off.

Straw tree

Lastly there are two cards in plain old 2D with two very different variations on a Christmas tree. One is made with straight lines, and dots for decoration, and a star. The other is made with a stencil and spray paint, to give a cool effect.

There you go. Crafts and Christmas cards. Hopefully this was an interesting little project for someone, and maybe some of you can even use these for inspiration for you own Christmas cards. This was also about the extend of my Christmas spirit. But happy holidays every one.