I heard that the British are deep-frying their mars-bars, so I thought why not give it a shot? So I did.

Of course I had to try the mars-bars, but I figured that now that I was doing it I might as well try a bunch of different stuff. On today’s meny was a mars-bar, a snickers, a knoppers and two müsli-bars, one fruit and one chocolate. 

Below here you see the steps from batter to serving.

The conclusion: The knoppers and the müsli-bars were ok and the snickers was pretty good. The mars-bar however was a bit much for me. The molten chocolate and caramel along with the frying batter and oil was just too sweet and fat for me.

Maybe with a scoop of vanilla ice creme to cool it down it would work as a desert. Maybe I’ll try that another time. 

All in all a fun little project, and now I can say I tried that as well.