A while back I saw a project about making a creepy nightlight from an old doll, and I wanted to try it!!

I got the doll in a thrift store not long from where I live, for a fair price. The lights I bought on Wish, very cheap. They are sort of Christmassy lights, on a long copper wire, and with the classic battery box/switch.

First, I pulled the head off the doll, and stripped her down. It was fairly simple, just cutting the zip tie, holding her head in place.

I then proceeded to stuff the entire light strip inside her head, which took a while, as it was quite long. After filling the head, I put it back on and stripped it, firm in place. The battery box is hanging out still, but is covered by the dress, when I put her clothes back on.

Turning on the light makes her head light up in a nice eerie way.

I also made it a project to film the entire process and make a short video of it, as you can see below. Enjoy.