This is the second chapter in an ongoing story, with lots of action and riddles.

As you come to, on the beach you realize that most of the people from the cruise ship are dead. Only you and twenty other people are still alive, and you soon gather to try and figure out what to do now. One of the other survivors recognize the island you are on. It is a small island, only about 100 square miles big. It is also known for its native tribes, that are said to be cannibals.

As you are discussing what to do now, a large group of natives surround you on the beach. They do not seem friendly, and you soon realize that they intend to take you all as prisoners. This is not to hard of a conclusion, since the natives, as it turns out, speak perfect English, and one of them says “You are all now our prisoners”.

You are all taken to a camp, where all twenty-one of you are put in a big cage. After a short while one of the natives comes to you and tells you what will happen:

“You should enjoy this night together. It will be you last! Tomorrow, you will all be placed in isolation, where you cannot in any way talk to each other. During the following days we will take you one by one to a hut, where there are two half coconuts. Every time you come in the room you have to flip one of the nuts, but only one! You can flip whichever one you like, but only once!
We will be choosing who goes in the hut, completely randomly, so any one of you could go in several times, or only once. We will keep this game going until one of you go in the hut and proclaims that every one of you have been in the hut, at least once. If that person is right, you will all be spared. If they are wrong, you will all be fed to the lions”.

The man walks away, and you start to form a plan with the other survivors. You will have to be absolutely sure that you know when everyone has been in the hut. It is safe to assume that you will not be able to communicate in any ways, other than the two half coconuts.

The following day the natives bring all of you to separate cages, where you are locked in, until it is your turn to go into the hut, to flip a coconut.

The first time you are dragged to the hut, you try to at least get a glimpse of where the others are kept, but with no luck. Good thing you all agreed on a plan that will save you life.

After three days and countless trips to the hut, you are once again summoned by one of the natives. You go into the hut and as soon as you see the two half coconuts, you look at your guard and tell him that every one of the prisoners have been in the room, at least once.

Since you were obviously right, after carefully following the plan, you and all the other survivors are collected and brought back to your large cage. You are safe. For now.

What was the plan to make sure you are all spared? How could you possibly be sure everyone had been in the hut at that time?

Stay tuned for Chapter 3 that will be released in a month!