For the third chapter of your adventure, you will face a new life-threatening challenge. Are you up for it?

I suggest you go back and read the first few chapters, if you didn’t already, to understand the context of the story better.

As you are all trapped in the cage, you start to talk and learn more about each other. One of the other survivors tell you that there is a rumor of a huge treasure, hidden on this island. The natives supposedly believe the treasure is cursed and will not go near it. However, if someone tries to take it, the tribes will let the person leave, believing that it will set the island free from the curse.

As you discuss the matter further, one of the tribe guards walk up to the cage and demands silence. He informs you that you will all be executed in the morning, and you all individually have to decide how you want it done.

“In the morning, you will be brought to the chief, one by one. There you will speak one sentence. If the sentence you say is true, you will be fed to the lions. If you tell a lie, you will be handed to the cannibal tribe, a few miles into the forest. There you will be murdered and eaten, and not necessarily in that order. Have a nice night”.

The guard walks off and soon after you all turn in for the night. Frustration aside, there is not much else to do.

The next morning you are all woken, and the guards take all of you, one by one to see the chief. As your fellow survivors are taken to the chief, you see them be either dragged of, into the forest, or be thrown into a large hole, in the back of the camp. Supposedly where the lions are kept.

After a while it is your turn. You are dragged to the chief and he demands that you speak your one sentence. You have of course been thinking long and hard about what to say to the chief to have a chance of survival, so with no hesitation, you speak your sentence.

The chief looks at you in silence for a short while. Then he demands that you are spared and isolated from the others. You hardly believe that it worked! You are safe, once again.

What was the sentence that you told the chief? Why did he spare you? Follow the story as it progresses, next month!