This story takes its beginning on a cruise ship, far away from any civilized land. The weather is nice, and the drinks are cold. You walk around the ship and make new friends and talk to all sorts of interesting people.

Eventually you meet an old man, who seems a bit mysterious. You approach him and introduce yourself, and you soon learn that he is a craftsman and he like to talk about his work. He tells you that one of the things he has made, is currently in the cargo hold of the ship. He refuses to tell you what it is but offers some information about the object.

“I, who made it, do not want it, at all!” the man says, and continues: “I will soon deliver it to the man who bought it, but he is never going to use it! And the person who is going to use it, wont even know. Now you should be able to guess what I have made”.

The old man grins as he walks off. Maybe you already have an idea what the old man has made, but the only way to be sure is to go to the cargo hold and check it out.

Although passengers are not supposed to go down there, you decide to sneak into the cargo hold. You soon realize there are many things in cargo, so it may take some time to find what you are looking for. While you are in the cargo hold a vigorous storm hits the ship and starts throwing it around between huge waves. Lucky for you everything is firmly tied down in the cargo hold, so you are relatively safe down here. Everyone else on the ship are not so lucky.

After an hour the cruise ship is crushed against the hard cliffs on a remote island. You are knocked out, and what happens next is unclear for all.

You wake up on a beach, and as you open you eyes the first thing you see is the object you were looking for in the cargo hold.

Do you know what it is?

Chapter 2 will be released in about a month, so stay tuned.