Twitch Legends

Twitch is a great place to find new people to talk to and new communities to join.
Here are a few of the people I enjoy on Twitch.


Starting off on an absolute high. EdinburghsNicestBoy (Or ENB for short) has managed to create one of the nicest and most wholesome communities I have ever seen. ENB is a Scottish streamer who is always ready to put a smile on your face, and the community is always there to cheer you up when needed.

ENB’s streams and community has got it all. Need a laugh? ENB has silly jokes. Feel down? Everyone is ready to hear you out and cheer you up. Need nice pet pictures? Join the ENB Discord.


The first person I found on Twitch was ScottOnFire and I immediately knew I had come to a great platform. The games and the accent were great, and Scott was very welcoming and introduced me to the world of twitch.


Stumbling into RingTail’s stream one day, I found myself in the presence of a fellow small streamer, trying to make it on Twitch. He was quick to welcome me into the stream, and I soon felt like we were truly allies in the Twitch struggle. I still support RingTail, when I can, and very much enjoy his content.


My latest crush. A beautiful canadian, full of life, doing great content on Twitch, while building an awesome community. RaeMacabre is both sweet, funny, nerdy and spiritual. But most importantly, she gladly puts up with all sorts of personalities and odd senses of humor from the chatters in her streams.

The world truly need more people like Rae.