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This page is dead…

…and it will probably stay dead, until someone (me) figures out what to put on it, to keep it alive for more then a few weeks at a time. I have, on several occasions, promised the readers of this page… Continue Reading →

Assassination of POTUS

As many of you know 2020 was an odd year, where a series of events changed the course of history forever.

15 Teambuilding Games to Bring Your Team Closer Together

An important aspect of good teamwork is to be comfortable with your teammates, colleagues or whoever you are working with. In this post I will give a few suggestions for small games and activities that can help strengthen the camaraderie… Continue Reading →

August 8, 2020 – Poop-games: What are they and why do we need more?

One late afternoon on the loo, I was playing a few different games on my phone, to figure out what to spend my time on, while pooping.

Skydiving – AFF level 1

Big thanks to the guys and gals at Dropzone DK for the experience. It was great fun, even tho we all landed a bit off-site. As in: I landed a few kilometers away from the Dropzone airstrip, in the middle… Continue Reading →


Drawing my sword fast enough to block her first attack was easy, even though she moved with the speed and grace of a dragonfly in the wind.

25 Scouting Activities You Can Do from Home

During the trying time of the COVID-19 lockdown, we decided to do “Home-Scouting” activities in our scout group. The concept was to publish a task each day, that the scouts could do at home or on a small trip with… Continue Reading →

May 05, 2020 – Tremek: The History of a City

Over the last many years, I have been playing Minecraft on a few different servers. Along the way a single line of servers, starting with BlockyWorlds, have been my all-time go-to. On there I, and a few others, build a… Continue Reading →

Infinity Box

This is a cool project, that can be found in many places online. Obviously, I needed top join the hype.

The Day Before the Day that Never Came

He reached the last window and stared for a second, out into the darkness, in admiration that even the full moon, in all her glory, could not overpower the blackness of this storm. Never had he seen the night sky so angry.

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