One late afternoon on the loo, I was playing a few different games on my phone, to figure out what to spend my time on, while pooping.

The term ‘poop-games’ might be a bit provoking (especially to the developers who makes them), but I promise it is meant only as a compliment.

You might think poop-games are games that involve or are about poop. That is not the case. Poop-games are simply games that you can play, while you poop (Or in other situations where you just sit around waiting). Basically, an alternative to scrolling mindlessly through social media.

Usually they will be small games, that you can easily join and leave, whenever. A good poop-game is something you can quickly get into, and have a short play-through, as well as quickly quit, without loosing progress or feeling like you left some unfinished business.

A game that requires your attention for hours on end wouldn’t be a good poop-game, as you would occupy the can for way too long. No one likes that.

An example of a good poop-game could be “Unblock Me” or similar puzzle games, with relatively short levels, where you don’t have to spend a lifetime to get to a save-point.

Why are poop-games important?

Poop-games are important for several reasons. First of all, they are something to do while pooping, waiting for the bus or while your burrito heats in the microwave.

Second of all, if you pick the right games, they can help you improve your cognitive functions. Puzzle games where you engage you brains, will actually make you smarter. Alternatively, you can find games that teach a useful skill like a new language or basic programming. These skills might not seem like something you need but expanding your horizon is never wasted time. Pooping without a poop-game however, is.

These games are also important for the game developers for a few reasons. Making poop-games can be a perfectly good change for new developers to get into game developing. More experienced developers can use poop-games to perfect games to retain player focus, for short stretches of time, as well as getting players to return every day.

These games can also be a nice secondary income, for the developers, if they manage to get enough players, and implement ads or micro transactions in the games. (Disclaimer: I am no fan of pay-to-win games, but they might be a good income source for the developers who makes them).

I made a poop-game

As some of you may know I sometimes write a bit of code myself, and I have for a while been curious about game development. A few months ago, I decided to give it a shot. The result is a game that, honestly, is a bit shitty. But it is a perfectly good poop-game. The game is called “I Ain’t Lost” and is a 3D maze-running game. You get dropped in a maze, run through it, and then get dropped in a slightly bigger maze.

Each level is an automatically generated maze, where the size is based on your current level. Each level shouldn’t take to long to complete, at least at first. In the later levels, however, it might be a bit of a challenge.

The game is currently in Beta on Google Play, and it has a few known bugs (Like not saving the settings you choose). The plan is to have a Beta version 2 released in August, and having a fully released game soon after that.

I was also planing to release a PC version on Steam, but I now think that that might not be the best way to go with this game. A PC version might be released on, but I am not sure about that either.

I might keep working on the project after the initial full release; there are plenty of features that could be implemented over time; but I might also just leave it, and move on to other projects.

Please let me know what you think of the game, and weather I should keep working on it, or move to other projects. (Be honest, I can take it).

Either way you can follow the progress on IndieHackers where I have written a bit about the game.

If you know any good poop-games, feel free to let me know. I’m always looking for new entertainment.