As many of you know 2020 was an odd year, where a series of events changed the course of history forever.

This article will focus mainly on the, very disputed, result of the 2020 presidential election, and the many effects following it. Of course, most of this article will seems painfully obvious to most of the people reading it. However, my hope is that someone reads it, and has the opportunity to change it.

The Timeline

September 19, 2020

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Barder Ginsburg dies from cancer at age 87. A new judge or justice is to be appointed by the president. This sparks some discussion as to weather Donald Trump should be allowed to appoint a judge, as the presidential election is only a few months away. Some suggest it would be better to wait till after the election, and thereby let the new president appoint the judge.

Donald Trump, of course, disagrees with this, and after much debate, he nominates Amy Coney Barrett for the position. On October 26, the senate votes and approves Barrett for the supreme court seat.

November 3, 2020

On this day the presidential election occurs. There have already been some speculation and discussion about the integrity of the election, leading up to this date. Mostly the controversy is fuelled by Trump, accusing his opponent Joe Biden of cheating and manipulating the results. One big accusation is that mail-in ballots are mostly faked, especially if they are votes for Biden.

Because of the unusual situation in the world, concerning the spread of COVID-19, and the continues Tweeting from the president the counting of the votes drags out for several days. The entire time the president continues to accuse the opposition of cheating, and he even demands the count is stopped, on those grounds.

November 7, 2020

The final count is in. Joe Biden wins the presidential election, after a large number of mail-in ballots are counted and count in his favour.

There are some very reasonable questions regarding why so many of the mail-in ballots happen to be votes for Biden, and many Trump supporters claim they are fake votes, and should not count.

Other sources claim that the mail-ins are mostly in Bidens favour, because the president directly discouraged everyone from voting by mail. This might have led to many of the Trump supports voting in person, rather than by mail.

Trump refuses to acknowledge the election results because of the alleged election fraud. He and his supporters in the senate decide to go to court, accusing several states of fraud, and demanding recounts and even tries to invalidate the result in some states, all together.

Long and not very pretty trials ensue, and the legal battles are raging for months, continuing into the new year.

January 10, 2021

Even after all the fighting in courts there seems to still be no end to the disputes revolving around the 2020 election. Joe Biden claims that since he rightfully won the election, he should be allowed to take office, on January 20th. Donald Trump goes against this claim, saying that the country cannot insert a new president, who is clearly a fraud, and will be forcefully removed shortly after.

As the date for the instatement of the next president is growing closer, Trump asks the senate to immediately take the matter to the supreme court and let them decide weather the election results should be honoured.

The senate agrees, and no one can prove that this would in any way be an unfair solution.

January 16, 2021

The matter of the election results is brought to the supreme court and they are to vote on the matter, on this day.

After much debate the court reaches a decision. It is a well-known fact that Amu Coney Barrett was the deciding voice that convinced the court that no president should be instated, who was accused of fraud, and could potentially ruin the integrity of the entire political system.

It is decided that Donald Trump will be reinstated, as the President of The United States. Due to the nature of the presidential and political system in the US, there is no option to prolong a presidential election period, meaning the reinstatement of Trump is for a full four-year period. Weather the fraud claims against Joe Biden are proven to be well founded or not, the election result is no longer relevant, as Donald Trump is officially the president, until 2024.

July 16, 2021

Although Joe Biden lost his seat in the white house based on fraud claims, that still have not been confirmed, he refuses to let the election results go. Many lawyers have been going through the results, to find the truth behind the 2020 election.

On this date, a large group of independent lawyers release a report with indisputable proof that the sitting president Donald Trump rigged the election. It has been proven that he both faked a large numbers of votes and that entire trucks of mail-in ballots were lost. Since these lost ballots have now been recovered, it turns out that they were votes in favour of Biden, by a margin of 628 to 1.

Trump dismisses the accusations and claims that he only did what he had to do to even out the playing field.

August 29, 2021

After an investigation and another trip to court the accusations are dismissed, as there is no way to prove that Bided did not cheat as much as Trump. Because of the conflicting accusations and lack of evidence, it is decided that there is no actionable information. The president stays president and Joe Biden is discredited, and accused, by some media, of treason, due to his attempts to overthrow the president.

July 6, 2022

After almost a year with no major incidents from the white house, rumours start to circle the internet. The rumour is that the president is going to attempt to make significant changes to the political system, and the way a president is elected for office.

On July 6th, the president confirms the rumours, when he announces on Twitter, that he aims to instate a law, allowing the sitting president to appoint his successor.

This announcement causes large political uprising, and the oppositions supporters take to the streets in large protests, within days of the announcement. The protests turn violent, only when the president himself orders the military to start patrolling the streets of all major cities in the US.

Exactly one week after the controversial announcement, the president presents his proposal before the senate, and asks that this new law is written into the constitution. The senate quickly decides to completely dismiss any and all requests in the proposal. The president is obviously not happy with the decision. He claims that the senate is corrupt and working against him. He threatens to sue the senate.

July 15, 2022

The president and several representatives from the senate is to appear before the supreme court, as the president demands his right to create a new amendment to the constitution.

February 12, 2023

After seven months of discussions and arguing the court votes against a constitutional amendment. But in the light of the highly manipulated election a few years earlier, they decide that another election will not go any different. Because of this they allow the current president to appoint his successor, on the condition that the senate agree with the elected president appointee.

October 5, 2024

As the end of Donald Trumps second presidential term grows nearer, people and media around the world speculate greatly on who he will appoint as his successor.

Many suggest that he will point to him self, but Trump quickly dismisses this on Twitter. He claims that even though he could, he would never re-elect himself, as he wants to respect the limit for US presidents, to have only two consecutive terms.

Later the same day the president announces, that he has decided to nominate Khloé Kardashian for the white house.

At first this spark outrage and media storms, but after only a few days, more and more people start to see sense in this decision.

October 12, 2024

A week after the president announcing a Kardashian as his successor, the senate is gathered to vote on the matter. They decide to approve Kardashian, as the next President of the United States.

The circumstances, controversy and personality of the presidential appointee completely overshadows the sensation, that the US will have its first female president.

On this same day Trump invites Kardashian to move into the white house, so he can spend the next few months “showing her the ropes”. This is the beginning of a presidential internship, leading up to the day Kardashian will take office.

January 03, 2025

A new year has started, and it is time for Khloé Kardashian to take her seat as president in the white house.

On this faithful day Donald Trump hosts a large ceremony where he officially steps down from his presidency. At the same ceremony Khloé Kardashian is sworn in, and she is now the president of the United States.

February 14, 2025

After about a month as president, Kardashian has tried, and failed, to settle new trading agreements with both China and Russia. Both countries claim that the demands from the US are completely unacceptable and threaten to escalate a tax war. They both want to force the US to comply with a more mutually beneficial agreement.

Kardashian refuses to back down and announces that she will gladly enter a tax war with both countries.

April 2, 2025

Kardashian talks at a large press conference to inform about a series of new initiatives (known as the “Kardashian Imperatives”) that will help the US win the tax wars they are in.

Her first initiative is to end all healthcare programs that are paid by the state. Any and all healthcare will in the future be paid by the recipient of said care, or by their private insurance.

The second initiative is to put a yearly tax on guns and personal weapons. All firearms must be registered, and the owner will pay a fee, proportional to the value of the firearm, each year.

The third initiative is to cut back on military expenses. All US military that are currently deployed in other countries will be sent home. As the US is not actively at war, there is no reason to waste finances on military operations in other countries.

As you can imagine, these initiatives are not well received in the general population. Within hours there are riots in every state in the US and most large cities are soon locked down by the fighting.

August 1, 2025

The president is speaking to the nation. Around seventeen-thousand people are gathered in Washington DC to see the president speak. They all want to hear if she has finally decided to change her mind and retract her previous initiatives.

For about an hour the president speaks about how well the country is doing, and that the US is winning the tax wars with China and Russia.

People are outraged, that she has not yet addressed the issues she has created with the Kardashian Imperatives.

In the end of her speech she speaks for less than five minutes about how the Kardashian Imperatives are going to save the nation. Additionally, she states that she expects to expand them with more initiatives, in the near future.

Then the sound of a large calibre riffle rings over the crowd. Khloé Kardashian is shot through the chest and collapses on the podium.

On August 1st, 2025 Khloé Kardashian, the President of the United States of America is assassinated in front of thousands of people and countless cameras, streaming the events live to every news media and social media platform on the planet.

August 2, 2025 (Today)

The US has no president. The country is in chaos and rapidly descending inro civil war. There seems to be little to no hope for the country, and the rest of the world seems to want nothing to do with us.

If all of this has been history to you, then you are not the intended recipient. If, however, any of this was news to you or any of the mentioned dates are still in your future, that means the temporal-warp technologies have succeeded in transmitting this message back to you.

It is my firm belief that if President Donald Trump had won the 2020 election, there would have been no controversy and no fighting over that matter. That little change would have created a ripple effect, saving the US and the world much pain and grief.

My plead to you if you are reading this before the 2020 presidential election: Vote Trump! It may seem counter intuitive, but it could save the world.